Take a deep breath and let it sink in.



9 responses to “History.

  1. That picture always makes me weepy.

    I think I may be most excited about Obama’s victory because of what awesome role models he and his family are. He and they are showing us how to be. My student Jaquelle Jones said on Wednesday morning, “Now I feel like I can be president”–but it’s more than that, it’s that Obama is constantly demonstrating how to be, how to act, how to speak, how to smile, how to deal with your wife and kids, how to be gracious, how to be tough without being violent, how to be smart, how to deal with your friends, how to deal with people who call you names, how to take care of others. That’s why I love this picture so much.

  2. You’ll probably like this photo and this photo and this photo and this photo and this photo too.

    And I don’t know if you’ve seen this set of photographs from a Time photographer, but they capture better than any others I’ve seen what you say about how he is constantly demonstrating how to be (you have to keep clicking “Show more images” at the bottom to see the entire set). Some of them are typical campaign photos from rallies or whatever, but some of them catch him in quiet family moments, or doing some simple act like wiping up a drip from his ice cream cone at a diner in Iowa, and those photos really capture what you’re talking about. I loved his answer to MTV last week about whether he supported laws banning sagging pants.

  3. GREAT pictures!!

    And what did he say about saggin pants laws?

  4. Those were good! And yes, I liked the pants thing too!

  5. He was asked if how he felt about ordinances requiring people not to have sagging pants, and he said:

    “Here’s my attitude: I think passing a law about people wearing sagging pants is a waste of time. We should be focused on creating jobs, improving our schools, getting health care, dealing with the war in Iraq. Any public official who is worrying about sagging pants probably needs to spend some time focusing on real problems out there.

    “Having said that, brothers should pull up their pants. You’re walking by your mother, your grandmother, and your underwear is showing. What’s wrong with that? Come on. There are some issues that we face that you don’t have to pass a law [against], but that doesn’t mean folks can’t have some sense and some respect for other people. And, you know, some people might not want to see your underwear — I’m one of them.”

  6. History… Is “This Be The Blog” history? We loyal readers hope not. But it’s been over a week!

  7. A better finale isn’t likely to come along, so I think I’ll leave this post as the last one. If I feel compelled to blog again, I’ll probably just begin afresh, afresh, afresh.

  8. David,

    these last two years were unique in the life of the US. But now life starts anew, with tremendous challenges inside the US and surrounding us.
    So there would be plenty to blog about…

    Thank you for your take on things. I could identify with a great deal of it.

  9. Yes, thanks. And I hope to see you post again, whether here or elsewhere. (You won’t be green anymore, so you won’t have that kind of grief to worry about anymore.) At any rate, don’t wait until May to thresh in full-grown thickness. Begin afresh soon!

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