T minus one

I won’t make any predictions, but if anyone else cares to, I encourage them to do so in the comments. The more specific the better — exact percentages of popular vote, exact states won by the candidates, etc. What’s the point of making predictions if they’re not precise? There will be no cash prize for the closest guess (if you want to get rich making accurate predictions, go to InTrade or open up a storefront psychic shop like the one that just opened across the street from me, although I suspect it’s a front for something else…)


3 responses to “T minus one

  1. Obama by 4%, enough to render all detailed calculation irrelevant.

  2. I’m superstitious, so I will predict nothing about today, though I have taken the day off and despite the encouraging results from Dixville Notch am driving up to NH for the afternoon. I will, however, predict that after a period of deflation we will have a period of inflation, and that fossil fuel prices will slowly climb back up, even during the deflationary part of the process, and that if any of us were smart we would buy natural gas futures at today’s low prices. I can also confidently predict that Obama will win my neighborhood

  3. I wonder which of our neighborhoods will have the widest margin of victory for Obama. I’d guess mine, but I could be wrong.

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