That’s a lot of people turning out to see Barack Obama. In Missouri, no less.

Can someone remind me, Does Sarah Palin consider Missouri one of the“pro-America areas of this great nation”? Maybe she would argue that St. Louis doesn’t count, because it isn’t one of “these small towns that we get to visit…these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America.”


4 responses to “100,000

  1. The only line I can remember from Obama’s 2004 keynote speech is “Not red states or blue states but the UNITED states of America….”

  2. I’ve been surprised that Obama hasn’t been working those themes more. I know he’s tried to shift away from the soaring oratory and toward the nuts-and-bolts stuff that supposedly works better with skeptical working class voters, but I would expect him to combine the two more, especially now that McCain, Palin, and their surrogates have explicitly made geographical and cultural division of the country the fundamental premise — indeed, the fundamental goal — of their campaign.

  3. Did you see that the good America/bad America line runs right through Virginia, according to one McCain honcho? Real Virginia doesn’t include the evil D.C. area…

  4. Sure enough: “…I haven’t seen a real Virginia and a fake Virginia I’ve just seen Virginia.”

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