Thanks, Bill


“We’ve reported the Ayers relationship before, and we had it on our to-do list for a while to take a more comprehensive look,” Keller said in an e-mail. “When the McCain campaign began to make it a major focal point of ads and stump speeches, we decided the time was right.”

“It didn’t take any prodding,” Keller continued. “When the conversation on something controversial reaches a certain level, curious readers look to the Times to help them sort the facts from the fictions and figure out what to make of it. That’s what we did.”

So, when partisan Republicans try to distract voters with their latest distorted smear, the Times feels obligated to dignify the smear by putting an article about it above the fold on the front page, even when you covered the same ground and reached the same conclusions in articles six months ago. It’s journalism! Also known as, being led around by your nose by members of the vast right-wing conspiracy.


3 responses to “Thanks, Bill

  1. being led by the nose, and essentially letting the campaign write your headline — journalism?

  2. A friend of mine thought the placement of the article and its tabloid-like headline were driven by the effort to sell papers! Do they even try to do that anymore?

  3. Love that line, “It didn’t take any prodding,” which seems to be directly contradicted both by the sentence directly before (“When the McCAin campaign”) and the one directly after (“When the conversation…”). On the other hand, the Times article basically debunked the smear at length–which is in stark contrast to, for example, what it did with all the Clinton smears. So I’m not so upset about it.

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