From a posting to my neighborhood’s community email list about a child’s bike being stolen (I blocked out identifying placenames):

On the Sept 24th at 4:54am, early in the morning, our security cameras caught the image of a crook entering our front porch, taking the bike and rushing off.

It was a caucasian or asian male, about 5’5” tall, coming from the direction of XXXXXX blvd and riding off on the stolen bike towards XXXXXX. What’s interesting is that the guy had been dressed/equipped for a bike ride already. He wore a pink bike helmet, dressed in a grey/light-blue pants and jacket with a wind collar zipped up, a backpack, and his pants were rolled up ready for the bike ride. It appears he knew he is after this particular bike. (But who would need a 2-year old kids 18” bike???)


One response to “Blotter

  1. How do they know he needed that bike in particular? Sounds like he needed a bike right then; maybe the kid’s bike was the only one available right then and there…

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