RIP David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace reportedly hanged himself at home last night. He was 46. I feel irrationally guilty for never having made it more than 100 pages into Infinite Jest.


3 responses to “RIP David Foster Wallace

  1. To be ridiculously speculative: could the exposure of John McCain as a turd have had something to do with this? Wallace’s admiring 2000 article about him was recently reissued as a book.

  2. Don’t feel guilty; how often do you think DFW read your blog, which is way more entertaining and interesting and well-written than IJ? Anyway, as coastalshelf points out, Wallace was recently exposed (to all who hadn’t seen it already) as a turd…

  3. Your Alaska pictures are awe-inspiring, but sadly confirm evidence of melting glaciers. ( I enjoyed looking for the bald eagle!) Swiss glaciers show similar evidence and have been the cause of avalanches.

    As for DFW, I seem to recall a lot of hoopla when his interminable first book was published. If you managed to read 100 pages, you did well.
    Let’s hope that belated recognition of McCain’s true character doesn’t inspire copy-cat behavior by other young writers.

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