Excuse my language, but the McCain campaign has become truly despicable. Dishonorable doesn’t even begin to describe it anymore. I literally can’t keep up with the avalanche of smears and lies anymore. This one is particularly repulsive, partly because it so blatantly distorts the truth, but especially because the McCain people know that Obama can’t forcefully respond — if Obama’s campaign so much as hints at a reference to teen pregnancy, then they know that the McCain campaign will respond with feigned fury and outrage and turn the next week’s worth of news coverage into wall-to-wall discussion about whether or not Obama attacked Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter.

All I can hope is that as these lies and smears pile up this week, the media will become dominated by discussion of how the McCain-Palin campaign has become almost nothing but exaggerations about their own records and slanderous distortions of Obama’s, with zero discussion of policy except for relatively trivial “earmarks” (which, by the way, Palin was a big fan of until she joined the ticket). Given our press corps, however, I’m pretty pessimistic.

UPDATE: I might have actually been overly optimistic about the press corps. The McCain campaign produces an ad, complete with the John McCain seal-of-approval voiceover, which falsely smears Obama, and Obama’s spokesman points out that this is not an example of the “honor” that McCain is always bragging about. So what is the headline on the Politico article about this? “Obama aide questions McCain’s honor.” The lead paragraph, in its entirety, is “The Obama campaign took its most personal shot ever at Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Tuesday evening, questioning his honor over a claim in a new TV ad that the Democrat calls ‘perverse.’ ”

Got that? The McCain campaign attacks Obama in a dishonest advertisement, complete with creepy innuendo that Obama wants to teach “your family’s” kindergarteners about sex, and when the Obama campaign calls foul, Politico focuses on how the Obama campaign is “questioning McCain’s honor” and taking “its most personal shot ever at Sen. John McCain.” Here is a shot of the teaser at politico.com’s homepage right now:

I give up. I may not be able to follow news about this campaign any more. Maybe I’ll give my life savings to Obama’s campaign, and I’ll definitely vote for him in November, but for the sake of my own mental health I may have to ignore all news about the campaign until it’s over.


5 responses to “Unfuckingbelievable.

  1. This can’t go on. McCain is so desperate he is doing things that are eventually going to hurt him. Two months is, I can still hope, long enough. If not, my canadian permanent residency should be coming through this winter…

    Did you see the PN article in elle, or do you only follow JR among my old friends? I just read it this morning and am still kind of amazed, though I shouldn’t be…

  2. I only follow JR to the extent that he appears in places like Slate and the NYT where I am likely to come across his byline. I’ll look up the Elle article to see what amazed you…

  3. We feel just as frustrated that we can do so little about these attacks, and that the press does not get it, or intentionally ignores the insidious intent of McCain’s attacks. I was actually polled by the Rasmussen poll this evening. After I answered the question whether I intend to vote for McCain or Obama, the next question was: “Are you sure? would you change your mind if something came along that warranted that? I am paraphrasing but remember clearly being shocked at the question: “Are you sure?”

  4. So Rasmussen is a republican operation?

  5. I assume they say, “Are you sure?” to people who say they’re voting for McCain too. It’s probably one way they gauge enthusiasm or softness of support or how “likely” someone is to vote at all, or something like that.

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