Evidence of things seen

What’s that there?

Look — there are more over there!


Killer whales!

Resurrection Bay, Alaska


5 responses to “Evidence of things seen

  1. When we go on our eastern whale watches, we have to go about 15 miles out before we see them. These guys seem a lot more cooperative…

  2. Wow, such beautiful photos of the orcas at Alaska.

  3. These guys seem a lot more cooperative…

    You should have seen the dall’s porpoises. (No photos, unfortunately.) They take positions under the bow of the ship, then race along right underneath as if they’re sled dogs pulling a sled (they have no fear of getting hit by the boat because they can swim at almost 40 mph). Apparently this is called bow-riding. It’s their idea of fun, I guess — at least it looks like they’re having fun.

  4. What do orcas kill? Dolphins?

  5. Technically, orcas are dolphins. Different kinds of Orcas eat different things. Some eat mostly fish, but other ones eat mammals like seals, sea lions, and even larger things. I don’t know if they eat dolphins or not. I read that they sometimes eat whales larger than they are…

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