What Sarah Palin has in common with Dick Cheney

Likes to hunt. Comes from a small-population Western state. Won’t answer questions from the press. Won’t cooperate with official investigations.

Sound familiar?


2 responses to “What Sarah Palin has in common with Dick Cheney

  1. Plays hard and fast with the truth. ( Remember Cheney’s insistence that Mohamed Atta and an agent of Saddam Husain met in Prague prior to 9/11? Just recently definitive proof emerged that the story was concocted by the Bush administration to justify the invasion of Iraq.)
    Palin has lobbied for earmarks during her entire career, as mayor and governor — that is what Alaskans live on besides their share of the taxex on the oil companies. She tried to sell that plane on E-bay but did not succeed. The Bridge to nowhere was nixed in the Congress, not by her. But Alaska got the 23 + million and is in fact building the access road to that dream bridge.
    Just recently she awarded every household — some say each member of same — $1,200 extra, to help with higher fuel costs. If Alaska’s infrastructure and other needs remain neglected, Washington will pay.

  2. …but more photogenic, which is what makes her the reality TV VP.

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