Wasilla — a town of welfare recipients?

Thanks to the hard work of Mayor Sarah Palin, the LA Times reports that from 2000-2003, Wasilla received $11.9 million in Federal earmarks, some of which were specifically criticized by John McCain at the time. Let’s say we accept the generous estimate of 9,000 people as Wasilla’s population (that may include moose and bears — some other estimates are as low as 4,000, depending on what time of year you’re taking the tally). That would mean more than $1322 worth of earmarks per resident went to the town during that period.

Not bad! Especially since Wasilla had received few earmarks before Palin became Mayor. The fact that she hired a lobbyist with ties to Senator Ted Stevens (who is about to go on trial) probably had something to do with it. Who ever said the Republican party was opposed to welfare?


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