“It’s like these guys take pride in being ignorant”

So says Obama, and I can’t disagree. I’m not clever enough to know what will play in Peoria, but this Ohio crowd (presumably favorable to Obama to begin with) seems to like what they’re hearing:

Personally, I think Obama might be better off showing a bit more anger and bit less amusement. The important point here is that when Obama suggested something that would save many Americans some money at the pump immediately, the McCain campaign’s response was to ridicule him for it. How dare John McCain mock a good common-sense suggestion that could actually help struggling families save a few dollars a week in gas costs? We all know that McCain doesn’t need to worry about the price of gas, but for some people it’s not such a laughing matter.

If anyone needed proof that McCain’s rhetoric about wanting to help American consumers was just political maneuvering, here it is. Offshore drilling might have a minuscule effect on gas prices over a decade from now. Keeping one’s tires properly inflated could have a more significant effect on monthly gas costs immediately. Yet the McCain campaign mocks Obama for mentioning it in a townhall meeting. What assholes.

I understand that Obama doesn’t want to come across as too angry or strident (he’s the hopemonger, after all), but I’d like a little more outrage in his response. He should do a better job of explaining to this crowd why they should be outraged that John McCain cares more about making frivolous fun of Obama than actually helping people save some money at the gas pump in these tough economic times…


2 responses to ““It’s like these guys take pride in being ignorant”

  1. as a peoria native, i can tell you obama won’t play; it is and always has been a very conservative town. there, even the democrats you can count on three hands are conservative by the rest of the country’s standards. but it doesn’t matter because campaign ads are not what you should be looking at–it is the issues and what we will get with either of them, not the silly crap that permeates presidential campaigns.

  2. Obama IS talking about the issues in this speech. I agree that he should explain why the crowd should be outraged, but at least ‘lying’ and ‘ignorant’ are strong words.

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