And this is the only immortality you and I may share, my Jetta

Fair car, beside the curb, thou canst not leave
Thy parking spot, nor ever can those tires be bald

It’s official: Google has replaced art as the enabler of immortality. My car may have been totalled, but she will live on forever in Google Maps — or at least until the Google Maps camera car makes another foray up my street and they update their images.


5 responses to “And this is the only immortality you and I may share, my Jetta

  1. i thought myspace had already replaced art? 😉 grats on the street view cameo.

  2. Perhaps there is a more recent Googlemap of a junkyard with the same Jetta sitting in it.

  3. Here’s the scrapyard where it was probably taken. Unfortunately, the resolution isn’t good enough to see whether my car was there when the satellite took the photo.

  4. such a neat junkyard! — looks like a used car lot

  5. It’s a retail business where customers can go and look for spare parts for their own cars, so they probably keep it pretty organized to enable people to find what they’re looking for and remove parts easily. I assume that cars which are too damaged, or which are going to be turned into scrap metal, are taken to a less neat location where they are crushed and stacked willy-nilly like you might expect in a junkyard

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