John McCain chutzpah watch

In his latest symbolic PR ploy, John McCain is calling for Congress to cancel its summer recess so that it can work on solving our energy crisis:

“I call on Senator Obama to call on Congress to come back into town and come back to work,” he said. “Come off their recess. Come off their vacation and address this energy crisis for America and don’t leave until you do. Republican and Democrat joining together. And a very vital part of that is nuclear power. And another vital part of that is offshore drilling.”

This might sound like an impressive commitment to governing, if it weren’t for the fact that John McCain himself has failed to cast a single vote in the Senate since April 8th. By my count, that’s an unbroken string of 95 missed votes (and still counting). According to a tally by the Washington Post, McCain is the only Senator to have a more than 50% absenteeism rate in the 110th Congress. McCain has missed more than 63% of votes. His closest competition, with an absenteeism rate of just under 50%, is Tim Johnson of South Dakota, who spent most of the past two years recovering from a brain hemorrhage which left him nearly paralyzed and speechless. Barack Obama has missed the third most votes, missing almost 45%.

So while Obama won’t be winning any gold stars for his attendance in the Senate in the past two years, it takes a lot of gall for McCain to be trying to win votes by calling for Congress to stay in session all summer. In a just world, this move on McCain’s part would cause a flurry of prominent stories pointing out that he is in a league of his own when it comes to truancy. But don’t hold your breath waiting for those stories to appear…


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