The life of a self-described “urban outdoorsman”

Homeless in Golden Gate Park — with a laptop, cell phone and full-time job:

But don’t the police conduct sweeps through the park to search for campers, particularly those with illegal camping equipment?

“The whole thing is stealth,” Sepa said. “I am in after dark and back out before dawn. I do no drinking, make no noise, and always leave it cleaner than when I went in.”

He carefully scouts public bathrooms – “Starbucks are the best because you can go in there alone and lock the door,” he said. He always buys a cup of coffee first, then makes sure to clean up the sink after wiping down with damp paper towels.

It is also worth noting that Sepa couldn’t have done this five years ago. With his Wi-Fi card, cell phone, and PayPal account, he can conduct business, collect a paycheck and apply for his next job from a laptop in a tent in the park.

“This is the most liberating thing of the Internet,” he said. “The birdcage is open.”

Perhaps his only concession to the traditional world is a postal box he keeps downtown. What, I asked, does he use that for?

“My Netflix movies,” Sepa said. “Right now I have ‘The Best of Abbott and Costello,’ and ‘It Came From Outer Space.’ ”

Full story here at the SF Chronicle.


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