Obama’s economic advisors

I’m glad to read that Paul Volcker, Warren Buffett, and Robert Reich are among the people advising Obama, and meeting with him tomorrow to fine-tune his economic plans. Buffett is one of my heroes (not that I really have any heroes), Reich lives a few miles away and blogs about the economy in ways that even I can understand, and Volcker has always seemed very impressive.


2 responses to “Obama’s economic advisors

  1. McCain and his people have managed to degrade the level of political discussion in manifold ways. So it is interesting to see Obama not falling for it and pursuing his goals- like this economic discussion. Please look at Samantha Power’s piece in the NYRB of Aug.14, “The Democrats & Natl. Security.” That’s a subject that deserves scrutiny during the campaign, AND she did not exhaust the questions that could be asked about Bush’s first period in office prior 9-11.

  2. And today I read that Paul O’Neill — Bush’s erstwhile Treasury Secretary, who was so disgusted by the politicization of the Bush White House — is joining the group as well.

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