John McBama?

From the Caucus at the New York Times:

First the Iraqi government gave Senator Barack Obama a boost by seeming to embrace his proposal for a 16-month timetable for withdrawing American troops from Iraq. But could Senator John McCain, who built his candidacy in large part on his opposition to a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, possibly be following suit?

“I think it’s a pretty good timetable,” Mr. McCain said Friday in an interview on CNN’s “The Situation Room,’’ before adding that it should be based “on the conditions on the ground.’’

He must have remembered as soon as it came out of his mouth that “timetable” is supposedly tantamount to “surrender,” according to the Republican lexicon, because McCain quickly corrected himself and said “time horizon,” which is the officially approved GOP way of discussing timetables while pretending to be against them.

Now that he has adopted Barack Obama’s Afghanistan policy as his own, and thinks that Osama bin Laden should be tried in some sort of internationally-sanctioned court, and thinks that Barack Obama’s withdrawal timetable is a “pretty good” one, what can we expect from McCain next? Will he say tomorrow that he thinks the Iraq war should “never have been authorized and never have been waged,” as Obama likes to say? Or will he say that in fact he is running for Bush’s third term after all? Perhaps he’ll announce that he’s decided that Bush’s tax cuts really were too tilted toward the richest Americans, and he no longer wants to extend them. You just never know what kind of straight talk you’re going to get from this guy! At this rate, by November, McCain might end up challenging Obama from the left, calling for single-payer health care. Who can possibly predict?


3 responses to “John McBama?

  1. goodtimepolitics

    Obama just made himself look just like Carter! The American people now are starting to see that he is no more than a socialist pig just like the Europeans. Yes they love him and his socialist plans! Americans don’t want a socialist government and will show that in November by voting for Sen. John McCain!

  2. Does the previous comment have anything to do with the blog entry?

  3. patrioticwisdom

    This is what happena when the NYT is your source. Take some info, mix it up like it was separate statements, leave out a little, and there’s your story. The actual statement the Times split up was:
    Asked if he would support al-Maliki’s intentions, McCain said “I know Prime Minister al-Maliki rather well. I know that he is a politician, and I know that they are looking at upcoming elections. I know that he knows and the other leaders know there that it has to be condition-based.

    “I can assure you that Prime Minister al-Maliki understands that conditions have to be kept.”

    Asked what he would do if al-Maliki insisted a withdrawal was needed, McCain said, “He won’t … I know him well.”
    “He said it’s a pretty good timetable based on conditions on the ground. I think it’s a pretty good timetable, as we should have our horizons on withdrawal,” he added.

    “We will withdraw. We have succeeded. The surge has succeeded, and we’re on the road to victory. And we will be out of there and may have a residual presence of some kind,” McCain said.

    This isn’t the change in policy they try to claim, it’s an acknowlegment of the success of the surge and the progress made. In other words, if the progress continues, the end is in sight. Not, 16 months sounds good, no matter what.

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