Speaking of The Big Picture…

After I published the post about the Boston Globe’s “The Big Picture” yesterday, I was digging around in the early archives there, and I came across one amazing photo that I wanted to highlight. You can find it here, and it shows native Brazilian tribespeople taking a bus to protest a dam that they believe will damage their traditional fishing grounds. The mere fact of the tribesmen in full traditional getup, holding staffs and spears, sitting on a modern bus would be interesting enough on its own, but I think the photo is great compositionally, too — the colors of their headresses perfectly match the interior decor of the bus, so the incongruity of seeing the traditionally-dressed tribesmen sitting in modern bus seats like bored commuters is offset by the visual harmony of the image. (The photo further down of the electric company engineer at the meeting after he was cut by one of their machetes is not such a harmonious image.)


One response to “Speaking of The Big Picture…

  1. Good pictures and good discussion. Thank you.

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