The Boston Globe gets something right

The Boston Globe recently started a regular feature on its website, called “The Big Picture”. It’s a photoblog, where every day or two they will pick a topic and publish a dozen or more news photos — in large, fairly high resolution format, therefore the title. Monday’s topic was the Tour de France:

It’s even better in full size (I shrunk it by about half so it would fit here). The photos are mostly from the AP, presumably because the Globe’s photo department doesn’t have the deep bench of, say, the New York Times (a few of whose photographers are real artists, in my opinion, with online galleries of their own that are definitely worth perusing — for instance and instance). But the Globe’s editor picks out some great shots:

Here’s a companion shot to that one, maybe taken by one of the photographers shown above (the two photos have different bylines, so it’s possible):

The topics they pick range pretty widely, from human tragedies like the Ethiopian food crisis to natural phenomena like volcanic eruptions to the US Olympic diving trials to wildfires here in California. Here’s a great picture from Pamplona last week — this guy might actually want to consider trying out for the Olympic diving squad too:

(Some of the photos from the running of the bulls in Pamplona show people who were less skilled at evading charging bulls.) Anyway, it seems to be an incredibly popular feature. I see links to “The Big Picture” from a lot of websites, many of which have no connection to Boston. It’s surprising that other big papers hadn’t thought of doing a large-format photography blog like this. It can’t be that much work to compile the photos, and it must attract huge numbers of people to their site. Smart move on the Globe’s part — maybe it will allow the paper an stay in business for an extra few months someday…


One response to “The Boston Globe gets something right

  1. Fabulous! Thanks for reporting on this.

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