Search engine terms update

I never would have guessed that so many people would be searching for those UPS-related terms. As for the Tahoe terms, which as you can see have recently begun to dominate the list of terms that bring people to this blog, I have two theories, which are probably working together to bring the traffic: one explanation is that it’s seasonal — I never got so many visitors to my single Lake Tahoe post before summer arrived. With the weather having gotten nice, apparently everyone heading to Tahoe is looking for Secret Cove or other nude beaches. My other explanation is that Google’s search term rankings are self-reinforcing. When someone clicks on a search result after a Google search, then Google factors that click into the algorithm that they use to determine the rankings of search results in future searches. So the more people that click on a link to my blog during a google search, the higher in the search results my blog will appear in future searches, and therefore the more likely people in the future will be to click on links to my blog after a similar search.

My Tahoe post somehow ended up as the 4th result when you do a google search for “secret cove lake tahoe”. So assuming that people keep clicking on the link to my Tahoe blog post with some regularity, Google is likely to keep my post high up on the results list. Getting on to the first page of results isn’t easy, but once you’re there, you tend to stay there. You can understand why online businesses spend so much energy and money trying to manipulate search engine rankings in order to end up near the top of the first page of search results. And thus you can understand why Google spends so much energy and money trying to design top-secret algorithms that make it hard to game the results — and Google’s anti-manipulation strategies probably help sites like mine gain in the rankings, because this site presumably doesn’t have any tell-tale symptoms of spamming or trying to profit by attracting search results.


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