The brown-and-gray Olympics

What will they do if, say, the javelin throwers can’t see what direction to throw their spears because it’s so smoggy? If spectators at one end of a stadium can only see the closer half of the oval track because of pollution, do they get half price admission? James Fallows, who currently lives in Beijing, has been getting increasing alarmed lately as the Olympics draw nearer and the sky gets more opaque. You can see some recent photos he took at this blog post from today and this other blog post from yesterday. Looks pretty bad — worse than when he first started getting documenting his worries sometime last year…


2 responses to “The brown-and-gray Olympics

  1. Yeah, I saw that chart. Build build build build. Maybe if the pollution does end up embarrassing China at the Olympics, it will shame them into more stringent limits on greenhouse gas emissions.

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