The Liar’s Paradox

How do we know this isn’t just the first of many lies from Linda Douglass, who is Barack Obama’s new spokeswoman?

“The thing that really made me feel at peace with the decision is this conversation we had about telling the truth,” she says. “He wants me to tell the truth. Coming from a background in journalism as opposed to PR, that was really the thing I wanted to hear.”


3 responses to “The Liar’s Paradox

  1. There are two possibilities here, both acceptable to me:

    A) She is in earnest and will continue to mostly tell the truth.

    B) She is a ruthless Machiavellian/Rovian and will beat the Republicans at their own game of telling Big Lies, hiding the truth in plain sight, etc.

    The propaganda war can be won, it seems to me, in one of two ways, by being completely honest or completely false. It’s the in-between ways that have screwed up Democrats in the past.

  2. I agree. I just always think it’s funny when people go out of their way to explain that they don’t lie. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. My guess is that she probably was telling the truth, and that Obama believes (at least in principle) in telling the truth too.

  3. On this topic, today David Brooks for once writes a column I can appreciate: Obama as machiavellian. Yes, we can!

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