Foot in mouth disease

It’s actually pretty remarkable how often John McCain says things that are simply not true. This stuff isn’t just spin, this stuff isn’t a hypothetical fantasy about how wonderful the world will be in 2013 after John McCain has miraculously solved the world’s problems, this stuff isn’t pandering about whether a gas tax holiday is good policy — it just looks like pure, unadulterated inaccuracy about the undisputed historical record. Along with the comment about how “we have drawn down to pre-surge levels,” this is the second time in a week that he’s said something that just doesn’t comport with reality.

After 8 years of Bush, I’m as pessimistic as anyone about the press’s (and the public’s) ability to recognize bullshit when they see it, but if McCain keeps up this pace until early November, that would be (roughly) another 50 clear-cut cases of McCain either (a) not knowing what he’s talking about or (b) lying through his teeth. Neither of these potential explanations helps McCain’s cause (which is worse, to be senile or to be a compulsive liar?), so his campaign is left with the sad defenses of “It’s not a big deal” or “He didn’t actually say what the videotape shows him saying” or “The Obama campaign is playing dirty!” None of those arguments seems very plausible or effective, even with a credulous media and a public that’s not paying very close attention.

Keep talking, John!


3 responses to “Foot in mouth disease

  1. I knew I didn’t imagine this last night when I paraphrased what he said, but he did say this as I thought….

    John McCain, “No problem is more urgent today than America’s dependence on foreign oil. It threatens our security, our economy and our environment.”

    Now how does where the oil comes from effect the environment? Is it not the amount consumed, not the location of origin that matters?

    Senior Moment or Complete Disconnect?

    nice picture of lake tahoe from near the ponderosa ranch btw 🙂

  2. Hans — Personally, I’d give him a pass on that one. While it’s true that the environmental problems caused by our dependence on oil are unconnected to what country it came from, at least he admits that there are environmental problems with our dependence on oil.

    (Wow, I certainly didn’t expect to be defending John McCain today.)

    Glad you like the photo…

  3. yeah, I agree. There are much larger skeletons to uncover in his closet, than waste time on gaffs!


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