Madonna of the Trees

That’s a great look on her face:

Giovanni Bellini, 1487

A higher-resolution image is available here from the Bellini section of the Art Renewal Center website


5 responses to “Madonna of the Trees

  1. Two beautiful pictures in a row!

    Is this one in a museum or where?

  2. She’s trying to remember the sex of her child…

  3. It’s at the Accademia in Venice, which is where I first saw it. This Bellini (there are a lot of Bellinis) is one of my favorite Venetian artists.

  4. Bellini’s amazing madonnas, as I remember them, often have a kind of elevated look, almost a haughtiness or a self-satisfied complacency, but this one seems to be looking down at her extremely precocious son and thinking, Who is this wise guy? What have I done? I also love the background, that green panel…

  5. She is so beautiful, that I did not even see the trees when I first looked at her. Unlike her son, whom nothing keeps from looking straight ahead, she averts her gaze — in modesty — or amazement: what have I wrought?

    thanks for showing it. The Obama family picture is very good: but remember: Obama said: “……, I was not born in a manger.”

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