Great questions for McCain. Now will any reporters ask them?

Copied in full from Mark Kleiman at The Reality-Based Community:

John McCain’s argument against improving the GI Bill is that offering good benefits to servicemembers who leave after one tour will make it harder to develop the cadre of long-service non-coms that is the backbone of any fighting force. Commenter “oddball” on the WaPo politics blog makes a point I hadn’t thought of in this regard: if it’s a bad idea to tempt potential non-coms away from the service by paying their college tuition, why is it a good idea to let Blackwater and other mercenary companies tempt them away by offering them six-figure salaries, which will eventually be billed through to the taxpayers with overhead added?

“Oddball” also asks a question:

Could that have anything to do with the fact that McCain’s campaign is run by uber-lobbyist Charlie Black, who has long represented Blackwater in Washington?


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