One less car

I’ve considered going carless in the past, but I was hoping that the choice would be mine, not a hit-and-run driver’s:

(No animals or people were harmed in the production of this photograph.)

One thing I’ve learned about insurance in the last 24 hours is that there a hit and run loophole (my term, not my insurance company’s). I had liability insurance, but not collision insurance, on the assumption that if someone hit me, then their insurance would pay for it. But since the asshole who totalled my car sped away so quickly that we couldn’t get a license plate number or any other identifying details, my insurance company is telling me that I’m shit out of luck. So not only do I suddenly not have a working car, but I won’t get any compensation either. Great system we have — force everyone to buy insurance, then make sure that that it’s the victims of hit-and-run collisions who are stuck with the bill. I guess I never factored the likelihood of hit-and-runs into my decision when I was choosing my insurance plan. Maybe I should have known better — as the tow truck driver said, hitting and running is standard etiquette in Oakland.

Oh, well — even if they cut me a check for the value of the car, it probably wouldn’t have been much anyway. We’ll see how the carfree lifestyle works out!


3 responses to “One less car

  1. How’s the bike?

  2. Were you (and/or animals) in the car at the key moment?

  3. The bike is functioning. I rode it to Berkeley and back on Sunday. I was in the car with another human at the key moment. No other animals…

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