Breaking up is hard to do

Oakland Tribune:

Third ex-girlfriend recounts being shot by Oakland man

Another woman who once dated William “Mookie” Johnson told a jury Tuesday that she too was shot by an Oakland man after she decided to break up their relationship because of his drug use.

Amanda Floyd recounted in today’s morning session an event of more than 20 years ago between herself and Johnson that is similar to why he is on trial now on charges of attempted murder in the shooting of Nicole Henderson, a girlfriend who also ended a relationship because of his drug use.

Floyd said their partnership of about a year was copacetic until she saw Johnson leaving a neighborhood house known as a center of drug use….

…Floyd was the third woman, including Henderson, to describe how Johnson became violent toward them during arguments. On Monday, Lynne Webb testified that Johnson shot her after they had an argument.

But unlike Webb, who admitted on the witness stand that she did not want to testify against the father of her child, Floyd was a willing witness for Deputy District Attorney Casey Bates.

She said she could not forget the events of 20 years ago because it was traumatic and because she can still feel the bullet that was shot into her arm but never removed.


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