Hotter and hotter

I’ll stop posting these every day if the numbers ever stop going up:


4 responses to “Hotter and hotter

  1. This is actually pretty shocking. What does the official weather report say the temp is?

  2. Mid-nineties, I think, which is about how it feels.

  3. So what is going on with your thermometer?

  4. Apparently sunlight has a large effect on the sensor. As soon as the sun goes over the roof, the temperature reading becomes plausible again. I don’t know if they ever calculate sun effects the way they calculate windchill, but I’m sure it never felt 140 degrees, even in the sun. Still makes for an impressive photo, though. (The highest temperature ever recorded in the U.S. was 134, in Death Valley. Libya eked us out for the world record, with 136.)

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