John McCain gives a speech that should be ridiculed by thinking people everywhere — a fantasy about the world of peace, harmony, and economic health that McCain will miraculously cause if he becomes President — and this is the response from the Democratic candidates?

“While Senator Obama agrees with many of the sentiments Senator McCain expressed today, he believes you cannot embrace the destructive policies and divisive political tactics of George Bush and still offer yourself as a candidate of healing and change,” said a statement from Senator Barack Obama’s campaign.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said in a statement that “this is not the first time Senator McCain has predicted victory in Iraq” and that he had “promised more of the same Bush policies that have weakened our military, our national security and our standing in the world.”

I hope they can do better than that in coming days, weeks and months. McCain’s speech sounds like a complete joke — even Elisabeth Bumiller, not known for her acuity or skepticism, wrote: “The remarks, which offered no proposals for how he would achieve that vision…” and “Mr. McCain took issue when a reporter said the candidate had asked everyone to go along on a ‘magic carpet ride’ to 2013. ‘I don’t think it has anything to do with fantasy,’ Mr. McCain said pointedly. ‘I think it has everything to do with setting goals and achieving.’ ”

Yet the best the Obama campaign can do is say that Obama agrees with some of McCain’s sentiments, then make a boilerplate statement linking McCain and Bush? Pathetic! They should be jumping all over this speech and pointing out that John McCain’s plans — whether on Iraq, the economy, or most other things — have no substance at all. Which candidate is the hopemonger here? Wishful thinking about the future is not a policy!

If the reporters recognize it as an empty fantasy, then why doesn’t Obama exploit that? If the Obama campaign wants to link McCain to Bush, why don’t they point out McCain’s vague and empty fantasies are just like the vague and empty fantasies that the Bush administration used to drag us into the mess in Iraq. Come on, Democrats!


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  1. Well said!

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