Go figure

It’s always amusing to see some of the ways people end up at this blog:


4 responses to “Go figure

  1. What else?

  2. A search for “prius battery illinois brother” made me wonder — they obviously had something specific in mind, but I doubt this blog was any help. A recent search for “auden grumet” was another mystery (I mentioned Auden in one post, and Jason Grumet, Obama’s energy advisor, in another, but I have no idea what the person was searching for). A lot of people search for “how to ruin your eyesight.” There were some funnier ones early on, which no longer show up in my list.

  3. Auden Grumet, Esq.

    I’m just curious who “David” is (05/18/08 Post) and why he was searching for for me and my cousin, Jason Grumet?

    ALG, Esq.

  4. Hi Mr. Grumet-

    I am the person who writes this blog. I didn’t search for “auden grumet.” Rather, I was pointing out that “auden grumet” was a search term that sometimes brought people to my blog. Apparently the reason they end up at my blog is that I once mentioned Jason Grumet in a blog post about the candidates’ energy policies, and I once mentioned the poet W.H. Auden in a blog post about a dirty poem that someone has attributed to him. Now that I know that an “Auden Grumet” exists, it makes more sense to me that someone would use your name as a search term at google or other search engines. Mystery solved, for me at least.


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