My two cents on Tuesday’s results

In case anyone is curious, here’s my take on the Tuesday results, cut-and-pasted from an email I wrote earlier:

I’m glad the Democratic race is (basically) over. I hope Clinton reads the writing on the wall and turns her formidable energies toward making sure Barack Obama gets elected in November. And who knows, she may just do it! I’m not counting on it, but I wouldn’t put it past her either — one advantage of her shameless insincerity is that it means her attacks on Obama and her vows to fight on until August were probably insincere too, so maybe she will muster the fury of her supporters in the greater cause of electing a Democrat. She does, after all, presumably have big aspirations for her future in the Senate or the NY Governor’s office or — who knows — the White House, so it’s in her interest not to destroy the Democratic party out of spite once she realizes that she can’t win the nomination. Supposedly she is having closed-door meetings with some superdelegates tomorrow. I hope they gently inform her that it’s all over…


4 responses to “My two cents on Tuesday’s results

  1. I hope what you hope.

    Fine blog you have here.

    Absolutely gorgeous photos, too.


  2. There will be a few involuntary jerks from the corpse, but even horror movie zombies eventually go still. May she take up residence in that crypt in Albany, where a mourning Bill can follow in Eliot’s footsteps and any further spasms from the zombie can be stymied by Sal DiMasi or Sheldon Silver or whatever his name is.

  3. There is a way she can concede without actually going away: she could (privately) demand the veep slot on the ticket, with the implication being that if it’s not offered to her, she will (a) stay in the race and (b) continue attacking Obama.

    Why won’t she do that? She certainly thinks she deserves to share the ticket on the merits, AND she probably thinks that Obama won’t win in November without having her on the ticket, so she can tell herself plausibly that she is doing it for the good of the party. Obama is obviously unlikely to see things the same way.

  4. She is already implicitly doing so, and has been for some time. Obama thinks he can wait her out. I think he’s right.

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