Smile! You’re on pander camera!

Here’s Hillary Clinton during a photo op in a Ford F-250 with a four-door king cab. She was promoting her plan for a “gas tax holiday” (the plan Michael Bloomberg called “the dumbest thing I’ve heard in an awful long time”). The truck gets about 10 mpg:

Hillary Clinton in a Ford F-250

The Clinton campaign designed the photo op to show Clinton commuting to work with a regular guy and stopping for gas on the way. The story is that the secret service decided that the sheet metal worker’s own vehicle was unsuitable, so he borrowed his boss’s truck, an F-250 Super Duty with a king cab. That way Clinton could ride in the passenger seat and the secret service could ride in the back seat. They were followed by 8 secret service SUV’s. I don’t know what mileage the SUV’s get, but the F-250 recently made news when Consumer Reports declared it the least fuel-efficient pickup truck, at 10 miles per gallon. (USA Today reported that the diesel version they test drove was getting 6.2 miles to the gallon; Ford claims that it gets 13 or 14, but who’s counting?)


2 responses to “Smile! You’re on pander camera!

  1. coastalshelf

    Sales of the F-Series are down 27% from a year ago. Is this really the wagon to hitch a campaign to?

  2. Great picture.

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