McCain the flip-flopper

First John McCain was against the Bush tax cuts before he was for them.

Now we learn that he was against a Germany/North-Korea style long-term occupation of Iraq (January 2005) before he was for it (June 2007, August 2007) before he was against it again (November 2007) before he was for it again (January 2008).

I’m reminded of a world history timeline that once appeared in Might magazine (a short-lived Dave Eggers project from the mid-nineties). Every so often on the timeline “Poland Exists” would alternate with “Poland Does Not Exist.” We need a similar timeline for McCain’s position — but the alternating labels would be “McCain supports long-term presence in Iraq” and “McCain rejects long-term presence in Iraq.” Nothing drives a point home like a good visual!


2 responses to “McCain the flip-flopper

  1. The problems of putting a square peg in a round whole.

    A lie is an inherently unstable construct. The Bush/ Cheney presidency was built on lies. fitting into the GOP is tricky business nowadays.

  2. Provide us with such a visual! Email Josh Marshall or post a comment at TPM and ask those guys to construct one! It’s a good idea.

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