A Milestone

I knew four dollar regular unleaded had made it to San Francisco, but this is the first time I’ve spotted it in Oakland:

I try not to feel schadenfreude when I walk the dog past this station, which seems to consistently have the highest prices in town (normal around my neighborhood seems to be $3.85 or so, although I haven’t looked at other stations in the past day or two, so they may all be over $3.90 by now too).


5 responses to “A Milestone

  1. A milestone in quicksand. When do you think it’ll be 5? 10?

  2. Peak Oil is here. I know because Krugman, who’s been considering the notion for months, at least, finally came out of the closet. May things get just bad enough for Obama to win in November–and then allow him to lead us to a different, less moronic future…

  3. 5 by the end of the summer. I hope not ten soon, because if it happens too fast then God only knows what social disruptions are in store.

  4. It’s pretty interesting how gas prices haven’t kept pace with crude prices. I think the price of light sweet crude has basically doubled in the past year, while gas is only about 30 or 35 percent higher than it was a year ago. (And don’t try to tell me that high gas prices are a reflection of refinery capacity rather than the oil supply. What a joke.)

  5. Gas prices will rise. The fact is, we in america are not paying anywhere near 118 dollars for oil. Most oil comes in, I think, under different arrrangements–things like long term contracts etc.–rather than being sold on the open market… But if oil stays high gas will catch up!

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