A pathetic question

Thankfully, I didn’t watch the Democratic debate last night, and I haven’t read much of the transcript, but this question from Stephanopoulos is one of the more inane questions I’ve ever heard asked of a candidate:

do you think Reverend Wright loves America as much as you do?


5 responses to “A pathetic question

  1. Okay, a lot of the questions were questionable, but this one was fairly decent.
    In Philosophy when you can turn one question into a question that needs two answers, that’s a good question.

  2. Sure, and “Has your pastor stopped beating his wife?” is a good question too, right?

  3. That’s nonparallel.
    Look, I’m an Obama supporter, and I thought the debate was a disaster. But that one question was a good one.

  4. Right. The parallel would be, Do you beat your wife as often as your pastor does?

  5. I got a lot better questions for’em

    “Question the candidates: If you ran the debates”

    at http://loomisnews.wordpress.com/

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