Scoping out the general election

There are some interesting maps being produced about what states might be in play depending who the Democratic nominee is. I haven’t had a chance to look at them closely since I have to run out the door, but they can be found here at Josh Putnam’s Frontloading HQ blog, found via Ben Smith’s blog at (And of course analysis can be left in the comments — you’ll save me the trouble of evaluating the maps myself!)


3 responses to “Scoping out the general election

  1. The bottom line is that Clinton-McCain looks like the last two elections, with minor shifts possible–which could be enough for her, if things trend a bit blue. Obama-McCain is much much more uncertain…The same is true for popular vote–likely to be close if it’s Clinton, much more uncertain if it’s Obama. (And the popular vote almost always goes the same way as the electoral, right?)

  2. Right, with emphasis on the “almost.”

  3. A lot of people would argue that the last time the popular and electoral votes diverged was in 1876…

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