Jody Rosen back in the Times

I actually read the entire article without realizing he had written it. It was only after I was back at the Times home page that I noticed his byline on the teaser to the article. It figures that he’d be writing about something obscure, and musical, and French…


3 responses to “Jody Rosen back in the Times

  1. I, on the other hand, would never have read it if not for the byline. I felt a little cheated when I realized on the second page that the “recording” was not originally capable of being played back. The headline and first paragraph don’t let on, and I was skimming, so I didn’t catch it in the second paragraph. Anyway, it was nice to see Jody’s name there on the front page.

  2. If you ever have a website and want to draw traffic, mention your better-known friends. There are apparently a lot of people out there googling things like “jody rosen” and jody rosen ny times” and other variations. I got more traffic today than any day since I mentioned exit polls on mini-super-Tuesday — partly thanks to the two posts mentioning Hillary, but mostly thanks to mentioning Jody. Mentioning Scarlett Johansson a few weeks ago brought in almost no googlers — I guess if someone is TOO famous, then mentioning them doesn’t draw traffic, because no one digs deep enough into the search results to find a puny site like this one.

  3. blog magnet, n. a person place or thing whose mention draws people in droves to your blog. Now if I google “blog magnet” how many hits will there be?

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