Impeccable timing

Paul Krugman, Monday (after nitpicking with Barack Obama, of course, about overstating the damage Iraq has done to the economy):

Hillary Clinton has not, as far as I can tell, made any comparably problematic economic claims. But she, like Mr. Obama, has been disappointingly quiet about the key issue: the need to reform our out-of-control financial system.

Then further down in the same column:

[McCain’s] chief economic adviser is former Senator Phil Gramm, a fervent advocate of financial deregulation. In fact, I’d argue that aside from Alan Greenspan, nobody did as much as Mr. Gramm to make this crisis possible.

The very day this is published, Hillary Clinton then gives a speech about the economic crisis. Music to Krugman’s heart, right, since he called for the Democrats to be less quiet? Not necessarily, if you consider this part of her speech:

We simply cannot wait until Congress passes legislation to find the best way to help millions of families.

That’s why I’m proposing an Emergency Working Group on Foreclosures. It could be led by a distinguished, non-partisan group of economic leaders like Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Paul Volcker. It’s the kind of proactive step that would help re-establish confidence in our economy by showing that the President and the Administration was taking our economic crisis seriously.

Krugman gets points for admitting on his blog that “this is pretty dumb.” He has a history of repeatedly bashing the Obama campaign for the same things that he ignores when they are done by the Clinton campaign, so it’s nice to see him show some integrity on this.


One response to “Impeccable timing

  1. Krugman is coming to see the light…

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