I’ll bet this makes Annisquam look like a bargain

For summer lease: Four-bedroom, eight-bathroom bluff-side Malibu house. Price — $150,000 a month.

That’s no joke. Nevertheless, Hollywood money still has nothing on New York money: a property in the Hamptons is listed at $450,000 just for the month of August.

The good news for the rest of us is that a day in Malibu is the same as a day in any other American suburb — first you go to Starbucks, then you walk the dog:

“You want to know what Malibu in the summer is like?” asks Daniel Baldwin. “I start my day with coffee at Starbucks up at Trancas, then take Katie — my boxer rescue — for a walk along the beach.”

This is the same Baldwin brother who says, “Malibu in the summer is where the United States ends and life begins.” But that’s probably just a line he picked up in rehab.


3 responses to “I’ll bet this makes Annisquam look like a bargain

  1. Annisquam has movie star too: Lindsay Crouse.

  2. Lindsay Who? There’s probably a spare Baldwin brother lying around somewhere if Gloucester wants one.

  3. We actually went to Annisquam today, partly to see if an offer to a suitable Baldwin was plausible. I think it hinges on the willingness to drink Richdale Convenience Coffee, or have Starbucks flown in.

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