Too close for comfort

I don’t take the political investment markets too seriously this far in advance, but McCain is nipping at Obama’s heels in the general election market:



3 responses to “Too close for comfort

  1. By the time this is all said and done, The only thing Obama will win is a caucus in Guam!

  2. The Democrats used to be 2 to 1 favorites; now it’s 60/40…I still think McCain is a buy at 40–but not because he’ll win, only because he’ll have his moments.

  3. I think Clinton is a buy for the same reasons. I expect Obama to get the nomination, but Clinton will probably get some intrade bounce from a big win in PA in a few weeks. Even if she only moves from 16 to 17, that’s a quick 6% gain for someone who times it right. (It’s certainly a less risky bet than the real equities markets these days.)

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