Just in time for Passover

A local gluten-free blog reviews gluten-free matzo. The verdict: thumbs up, but pricey.


4 responses to “Just in time for Passover

  1. Oat matzos may be what the Israelites fed their donkeys–the archeology is inconclusive.

  2. One nice thing about eating gluten-free (and organic and so on) is that we seem to be insulated a bit from the sharp increases in the price of food. A 50% increase in the price of commodities doesn’t show up as much if the commodity’s cost is only a teeny tiny piece (or nothing, if it’s wheat) of the price of the final product…

  3. But isn’t gluten-free and organic stuff usually much more expensive in the first place?

  4. Available in Brookline: $33.95 a pound.

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