It’s not the virgin Mary, but…

Sure, our financial system may be collapsing, but some consumer out there still has enough confidence to bid over a grand on a corn flake shaped like Illinois at eBay (or maybe they figured inflation will soon render their $1325 worthless, so they might as well spend it on a piece of cereal?):


At least an Illinois-shaped corn flake is unique. Unlike this empty Coke can that someone bid over 50 bucks for:


(The description says, “I finished my can of COCA COLA today for lunch and didn’t want to throw it away. It just looked way too nice to throw into the garbage or even recycle it. So instead I have decided to sell the EMPTY CAN on eBay.”)

Also up for auction are a crumpled newspaper (current bid $5.07) and a broken pencil (current bid $29.97). Can someone remind me why I’m not getting rich exploiting other people’s idiotic senses of humor?


One response to “It’s not the virgin Mary, but…

  1. They are bidding on their own objects (performance art!).

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