This is NOT an Onion headline

Science Center rethinking elephant-in-a-bubble stunt

If you want to read the article, you can find it here at the LA Times, but I recommend letting your imagination fill in the details instead.

(Seinfeld-inspired jokes may be left in comments below.)


2 responses to “This is NOT an Onion headline

  1. This is definitely an argument for Religion against Science.

  2. Or for nature against technology. I took Simone to the zoo today; I knew it would be bad, but I couldn’t have imagined beforehand just what a bedraggled and dazed collection of creatures we were to find. It was so pathetic it was almost appealing, since at least the environment the animals were in–bare dirt, worn plastic rocks, rusting chain-link fences, cloudy plexiglass–had been so worn and weathered, by what must have been decades of neglect, that at least it didn’t seem sterile, at least there were no elephants in bubbles.

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