Schwarzenegger’s long commute

I’m glad Governor Schwarzenegger is fighting the EPA for California’s right to enact higher emissions standards, but his commitment to environmental issues looks pretty pathetic when you find out that he commutes from LA to Sacramento and back on most days in his private Gulfstream jet, which emits as much carbon dioxide in an hour as most cars emit in a full year. His defense? His family values require that he be home in Brentwood for his kids every night, and anyway, he buys offset credits — guilt-free polluting for the wealthy! This is the same guy who defended his fleet of Hummers by pointing out that one of them had been converted to run on hydrogen. Apparently it’s okay to ruin the environment as long as you make a symbolic gesture toward environmentalism at the same time.


2 responses to “Schwarzenegger’s long commute

  1. Yet another example of why Dick Cheney is right that when it comes to reducing energy use and emissions private virtue will never suffice, and what we need are communal actions like California’s higher emissions standards, or a carbon tax, or both.

  2. In other words, the governator is not necessarily being hypocritical!

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