The gender turnout gap

I knew women voted in higher numbers than men, but I’m not sure I ever fully understood how large the difference is. These are the Ohio exit poll numbers, but a quick glance at exit polls from some other states shows that it’s pretty typical. Most states are in the 58%/42% range, with a few states being more like 55%/45% or so. South Carolina is even larger — 61% to 39%.


Is there an obvious or widely-accepted explanation for why women vote in such higher numbers? Is it something structural (such as women being less likely to have jobs that keep them at work all day and evening, or something like that)? Or are women just more civic-minded and responsible?


3 responses to “The gender turnout gap

  1. More women are Democrats!

  2. D’oh! I knew that once upon a time, before this current campaign season started wreaking havoc on my brain cells.

  3. More women are Democrats, and more Democrats are voting, so even if you sum up both Republican and Democratic primaries, probably more women are voting.

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