No exit

So again the leaked early exit polls were way off the mark. And again I was scouring the internet looking for them, even as I was telling myself that they were wrong in NH, wrong in MA, wrong in NJ, wrong all over the place, and didn’t really mean a thing. At least I wasn’t the only idiot who wanted to see them — the chart to the right shows traffic to this blog over the past six days. The chart below shows the google searches that delivered that (still negligible) traffic. Imagine if I’d written about Scarlett Johansson instead of exit polls — no wonder journalism is suffering, now that success is measured by page views and “most-emailed” rankings.



3 responses to “No exit

  1. Did you say Scarlet Johannson?? What?? Do you know something??

  2. It wasn’t only the leaked early exit polls that were wrong. Clinton won by more than 10 points in Ohio, yet the exit polls said “too close to call”. Lots of liars mixed in with those Buckeyes…

  3. From Krugman:

    “As it happens, I spent early
    Tuesday evening with some major insider types, who had exit polls and believed that Obama had put the thing away. I took the train home, got in very late, went to bed thinking that the nomination fight was over, and opened the papers to see that it wasn’t. Nobody knows anything.”

    Who needs polls? Who needs pundits?

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