Good old talk radio

I almost never listen to AM talk radio, but every once in a while masochism or anthropological curiosity causes me to tune in. Last time I did was in early January, and I heard a guy named Billy Cunningham ranting about “Barack Hussein Mohammad Obama” over and over. Billy Cunningham wasn’t a familiar name to me like Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage or some of the others, and I hadn’t heard the name again until today.

I should have known he would pop up again. It turns out he’s the guy who kept saying “Barack Hussein Obama” over and over in a warm-up speech at a McCain rally in Cincinnati today. Good for John McCain for denouncing him afterward, although it would have been nice if his campaign had, say, listened to what the guy says on his radio show before they allowed him to warm up the crowd for McCain.

We can look forward to a lot more of this kind of stuff if Obama gets the nominatio. It’s probably just as well for it to be happening early, so that impressionable voters will be inured to it by the time November rolls around. And the press will be less likely to give these smears exposure if they are seen as old news.


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